The rumba


The rumba

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The rumba is a Cuban musical genre that is sung and danced, and its origin is basically urban. There are three aspects: the yambú of urban source, the columbia, of rural source, and the guaguancó that is also urban. Perhaps the latter is the most popular of all. Its music lacks rituals or religious elements.

Let us recall that its genesis and formation comes from urban areas, rooming houses, slums, in locations around the ports and sugar mills, hence its musical instruments such as drums, cajones, claves and spoons.

The main groups of this genre in Cuba are the Muñequitos de Matanzas, Los Papines and the Camagüey group Rumba Ta, which have led the rumba to high levels in all corners of the world.

Recently, the Cuban cultural integration project called Timbalaye has led to strengthen this specialty in countries such as Mexico and Italy, with the creation of institutions for learning these rhythms of African origin.

You can have a rumbón (a party) anytime and anywhere you want, and that is why, and much more than we have declared it as Cultural Heritage of Cuba. I hope that mankind considers it theirs as well.

Written by Juan Blas Rodríguez 

Translated by  Luis E. Amador Dominguez