Ochareo is rumba and identity


Ochareo is rumba and identity

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The Ochareo band from Cienfuegos is celebrating its tenth anniversary with a notable history defending our national identiy. In addition to rumba -cultural heritage of the nation and the band´s main repertoire - they mix different folkloric rhythms according to their representative and member of the band, Darío Castillo Velez.

Ochareo includes musicians with great talent and long careers, members of various folk bands from the province, to unite an assembly which features are nationally known. They received the Key of Caribbean Festival, and are constant participants in any major event in this field. According to what their representative it is made of percussionists Jesus and Yohandry Perez Vives; singers Regla Famada Jorrín, Vitian Valdes Reyes and Yohandry Sánchez Díaz; the musical director, Luis Soto Lodillo; and the general manager, Eduardo Santa Cruz Garcia and a group of dancers.

It has been for a long time the only non-subsidized folk group at the Rafael Lay Music Marketing Enterprise, because it has enough demand so as to be in "marketable" events.

This year, the tenth anniversary, members of Ochareo recorded the album "Rumba is not like yesterday", at the Eusebio Delfin studios, a generous plate on proposals to dancers; in addition to film a video clip. They shared national stages with Rumbatá, Los Muñequitos de Matanzas, Rumberos de Cuba and Osaín del Monte, among others.

They continued a community project initiated in 2014, which is to bring rumba to neighbourhoods, something which requires the necessary support to make real this valuable initiative.