Declaration of the Cuban Association of Writers and Artists and the Hermanos Saiz Cultural Association in solidarity with the Venezuelan people


Before the meddlesome maneuvers the imperialism and its regional acolytes have tried to implement inside the Organization of American States (OEA, as per its initials in Spanish) to invalid the Bolivarian process, the Cuban Association of Writers and Artists (UNEAC) and the Hermanos Saiz Cultural Association (AHS) in representation of the intellectual and artistic avant garde, manifest our solidarity with the Venezuelan people. 

The international right attempts to open the gates to the foreign intervention and to force the restoration of an oppressive, submissive, violent and sell-out regime against that nation’s popular will.

The OEA General Secretary, Luis Almagro and his accomplices aspire to break the constitutional order and to overthrow the Bolivarian government, which would collapse the Venezuelan society into chaos and attempt against their arduously achieved social milestones.  

It hurts the enemies of the Latin American Revolution that the Venezuelan people are the owner of such inalienable rights as independence, freedom, sovereignty, territorial integrity and self-determination. They don’t care about the universal access to education and knowledge or the promotion of spaces for the spiritual development of the human beings as has favored the Misión Cultura in neighborhoods and communities. 

We endorse the call of the Network in Defense of Humanity, as it alerts and summons: «It is time to ensure respect for the dignity of peoples and to hold on straight. It is time to not let them again to cover with mud the peoples’ advancements under thousands of media slanders and discredit campaigns. It is time of unity, of fighting and of the definitive victory over the sinister plans of the imperialism».

In this crucial moment, the Cuban writers and artists pronounce the words José Martí said before the intellectuals of Caracas on March 21st of 1881: «Thus, armed with love (…) I come before the sons of Bolívar to request a place in the militia of peace».

Havana, April 1st, 2017

Cuban Association of Writers and Artists

Hermanos Saiz Cultural Association