Selection of Cuban Informatics Projects in WSIS FORUM 2017

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This workshop seeks to provide speakers and attendees with an integrated view of a selection of Cuban informatics projects in order to increase access to information and knowledge, capacity building and the protection of citizens' rights.

The main topics are:

The University of Computer Science: A new type of University.

The 600 Young Computer Club and its services for the population.

INFOMED: Information network for Cuban public health specialists.

CUBARTE: Network and its services to artists, writers and the public in general.

Educational technology projects in the Cuban school.

ICT in function of the protection of citizens' rights in the General Prosecutor's Office of Cuba.

The Union of Computer Scientists of Cuba: New organization that groups the Cuban computer science especialists.

By exploring the opportunities and challenges developing countries face while our organizations implementing these projects, participants will exchange experiences and share perspectives on related dialogues taken up in various policy arenas. Some of these projects are selected as Champions in WSIS 2017 Prizes.

The Cuban government is aware that are the fundamental problems of society, their economic, social and cultural challenges that must be at the heart of the strategy of using ICTs to achieve information society. The topic is complex, but we have the disposition to develop the computerization of the society with a proper conception of the use of these technologies, which aims to expand the use of ICT, to meet the growing needs for information and services, improve the welfare of the population, accelerate economic and social development, and publicize on the network the reasons of Cuba and our truth.

In this area our country has a program based on its development priorities and the necessary technological sovereignty to ensure the proper use of these technologies at the service of the national interest. The human capital formed by the Cuban Revolution in this field is extensive and valuable, and is the main strength that we have to face todays and future challenges. Proof of this is the creation of the Union of Computer Scientists of Cuba, a social organization that recently concluded its process of constitution, and already counts among its members with thousands of professionals linked to ICT.



Eng. Wilfredo González Vidal. Deputy Minister, Ministry of Communications of Cuba


Prof. Melchor Gil Morell. Advisor, Ministry of Communications of Cuba

Dr. Ailyn Febles Estrada. President, Union of Computer Scientists of Cuba

Dr. Iván Barreto Gélles. General Manager, Enterprise CINESOFT

Ph. D. Ileana Regla Alfonso. General Director, National Center of Medical Sciences Information of Cuba

M. Sc. Rafael Torralbas Ezpeleta. Advisor of President of University of Informatics Sciences

Prof. José Luis Prado Ramírez. Director, Digital Editorial of CUBARTE