Minnesota Youth Symphony Orchestra in Cuba

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Under the direction of Maestro Manny Laureano, principal trumpet of the Minnesota  Orchestra and with the participation of the world famous Cuban pianist Nachito Herrera.

From June 25 to 29, Classical Movements, company specialized in the organization of concerts tours for prestigious symphony orchestras will present three extraordinary concerts by the MINNESOTA Youth Symphonies in Cuba. 

Music Director Manny Laureano returns to Cuba after the memorable tour the Minnesota Orchestra, of which he is principal trumpet, made in 2015. 

After the wonderful interchanges with young Cuban musicians exchanges and the warm welcome the Minnesota Orchestra received from the public here, Laureano wanted to return to Cuba with his Minnesota Youth Symphonies and to extend the musical interchange to other provinces.  

The Minnesota Youth Symphonies will offer an exquisite selection of pieces including Rachmaninoff’s Symphony No. 2 in E minor, a work from Minnesota contemporary composer Shelley Hanson and the Concerto in F major for piano and orchestra from George Gershwin performed by the extraordinary Cuban pianist Nachito Herrera, who was born in Santa Clara, studied in the best Cuban musical academies and whose talent has been recognized in the best stages of the world.

The Minnesota Youth Symphonies will offer its first concert at Havana’s Teatro Nacional, followed by a presentation at the Teatro Avellaneda of Holguín and closing with a concert in Santiago de Cuba at the prestigious Dolores Concert Hall.  In Cuba they will made musical interchanges with the National Symphonic Orchestra, the Symphonic Orchestra of Santa Clara and the Symphonic Orchestra of Holguín.


The Minnesota Youth Symphonies

The Minnesota Youth Symphonies is one of the Minnesota Youth Symphonies “MYS” organization.

The Minnesota Youth Symphonies is devoted to the orchestral formation at the conservatory level and is considered one of the best in the country with students coming from the whole state of Minnesota and the Eastern area of Wisconsin and from different cultural and social contexts.

The teaching model of the Minnesota Youth Symphonies organization inspires in the programs of the best musical conservatories of the world with the main objective to attain a comprehensive education of its musicians. Each season the orchestras perform three big concerts in relevant places of the area named Twin Cities and which comprises Minneapolis and St. Pauls, with the attendance of more than 4000 persons, including classic music lovers, relatives and friends. 

The four MYS orchestras rehearse every Saturday from September to April.


Manny Laureano, Music Director

Manny Laureano is the Director of the Minnesota Youth Symphonies. Manny began his musical studies in the public school system of New York and in 1977 he graduated at the Juilliard School of Music in 1977. He was nominated principal trumpet of the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, a position he hold for four years before he took his present position as principal trumpet of the Minnesota Orchestra. 

As Director, he has worked in a great number of musical groups, conducting the Community Band of Calhoun-Isles and the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, and also was Guest Director with the Minnesota Orchestra where he also was Assisting Director from 2005 to 2006. Maestro Laureano was Guest Director at the Eastern Music festival in North Carolina during the summer of 2012 likewise with the St. Olaf Orchestra and the Music School of the Indiana University.  

For several years he has conducted the Viva City Orchestra through the school of the Minneapolis district and was selected to direct the All-State Orchestra of in  2009. He has been invited to conduct workshops and masterly classes to youth orchestras in the whole state of Minnesota.

He has also been music director of the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra since 2013.

Manny and his wife Claudette are co-artistic directors of the Minnesota Youth Symphonies since 1988 and have both been invited twice to direct the Orchestra of the National Youth Orchestra of Suzuki. 

 Nachito Herrera, Piano

Ignacio Nachito Herrera was born in Santa Clara, Cuba and he studied music at the Alejandro García Caturla music conservatory, the National School of Art, ENA and the Cuban University of Arts, ISA. He obtained master degrees of music, composition and orchestra and he also has the opportunity to experience in the popular music field given the classic basis of his formation in Cuba.

His career as professional pianist has been many times encouraged by the Cuban music talent from which he has nourished himself during his 25 years artistic career.

Nachito has also conducted high level orchestras the Orquesta de Tropicana Cubanismo and some others like Nachito Trio, Nachito Cuarteto, Nachito and his All Stars besides performing as soloist with symphony orchestras and big bands. He is educator and associate professor of the   Conservatory MacPhail.

At present, Nachito lives in Minnesota where he is one of their favorite musicians and where his professional quality and career are highly regarded.  Nachito often collaborates with the Minnesota Youth Symphonies and he is guest soloist in the MYS tour through his native country.


Havana / Sunday June 25, 11:00 am.  Teatro Nacional Sala Covarrubias / Plaza de la Revolución.

CAMAGÜEY / Wednesday June 28, 8:30 pm Teatro Avellaneda / Calle Ignacio Agramonte.

SANTIAGO DE CUBA / Thursday June 29, 8:30 pm Sala de Concierto Dolores / Calle Aguilera.


Minnesota Youth Symphonies Program

Manny Laureano, Music Director

 -      Shelley Hanson – La Tumba de Caturla

-      George Gershwin - Concerto in F major for piano and orchestra

Nachito Herrera, Piano

-      Sergei Rachmaninoff - Symphony No. 2 in E minor.  

The Minnesota Youth Symphonies concerts tour is organized by Classical Movements in collaboration with the Cuban Institute of Music and the National Center of Concert Music.


 Translated by: Liana Fleitas.