Silvio Rodriguez Granted Hispanic Poetry Prize


The 15th International Encounter of Poets in Ecuador “Poesia en paralelo Cero” (Poetry at Zero Parallel), will grant the “Poeta de dos Hemisferios 2023 (Poet of two Hemipheres 2023) prize to Cuban songwriter and singer Silvio Rodriguez.

According to Silvio Rodriguez’ Facebook webpage, the festival board will hand in the prize in October, in Havana, while a group of Hispanic poets will pay homage here to the Cuban artist.

The October meet will mark the 15th years of “Paralelo Cero,” and will launch the book “Silvio’s Letters,” a personal anthology.

The Poet of two hemispheres prize has been previously granted to Argentinean Juan Gelma, Spain’s Luis Eduardo Aute and Antonio Gamoneda and US Margaret Randall.

Silvio Rodriguez, born in 1946, is a founder of the New Song Movement and one of its top representatives. He has composed over 800 songs, which have been translated into French, Italian, German, English, Portuguese and other languages. Silvio holds the title of UNESCO for peace artist.


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