CUBARTE is an entity of the Ministry of Culture responsible for designing, guiding and controlling national policies on information technologies for the cultural sector. Provides electronic messaging services, internet, development and hosting of websites. Produce cultural goods with national reach that are reflected in a cultural billboard, a repository multimedia and dynamic digital signage. It also watches over the integrity of the network with regular control of computer security.

Main Services:

Cubarte Web:
-   Design, programming, website hosting, domain registration and development of software and computer applications.
-   Sale of computer services through the platforms of Cubarte such as the Portal Cubarte, the Blogosphere, Todo de Arte, La Papeleta, Foros Cubarte and the platform for the sale of music. Cuba on the Internet.
-   Access to cultural platforms to obtain audiovisual or textual content.
-   Promotion of activities of Institutions and Cultural Centers, artists and creators in La Papeleta.

Cubarte Editions:
-   Production and commercialization of digital products and services with multimedia character
-   Creation of digital collections from large volumes of information with patrimonial value
-   Virtual tour of museums and products for children
-   Digital Dynamic Signage
-   Replication of information in digital format

Cubarte Network:
-   It interconnects all Cuban cultural institutions and artists throughout the country.
-   Services:
-   Connectivity, e-mail, distribution lists and technical services.

Main products:

- Cubarte, The Portal of Cuban Culture.
- Since its publication in 2001, it has remained at the service of the promotion of Cuban Culture. The portal promotes and visualizes in 3 languages ​​identitary, patrimonial and contemporary elements of the culture of the country, at the same time that it is the spokesman of the task of the protagonists of the Cuban culture of all times. It constitutes the platform of entrance to sites and portals of   institutions, artists and creators, cultural events and projects and its navigation by channels allows to know of all the artistic expressions Music, Cinema, Book and Literature, Visual Arts , Arts, Heritage, Artistic Education and Community Culture.
Cubarte has National and International prestige. He has been awarded several prizes including the winner of the “ Wsis Project Price 2014” that it grants in the category granted by the World Summit on the Information Society (CMSI, in spanish). He recognized himself to Cubarte as an ambassador of Cuban culture on the Internet for the way in which he preserves and shows his diversity by promoting the most popular and relevant like the most authentic, unknown and those related to identity.

- Digital Resource Center All of Art Repository of information for the downloads and reproduction of audio, video, music and texts.

- Cultural Billboard “La Papeleta”
- La Papeleta, is the virtual billboard of Cuban culture. With the promotion and dissemination of cultural activities and events   of all the manifestations that cultural institutions, artists and creators program every day   throughout the island to guarantee full access and enjoyment of the public.

- Cuban Jazz site D´Cuba Jazz
- News, critics, reviews, discographies and festivals that involve Jazz
Cuban. Music downloads, and videos of important Cuban Jazz Players.


For the first time in multimedia the life and work of Alicia Alonso, Prima Ballerina Assoluta, creator of the prestigious Cuban School of Ballet. The dance lover will find in this multimedia an irreplaceable compilation of information about the life of Alicia and the history of the National Ballet of Cuba.

A chronology of the life and the catalog of the work of the Cuban painter Wifredo Lam are reflected in this multimedia. They show details of his life, stages of his work, the influence that exerted the main artistic currents of the first half of the last century, as well as as the legacy of the teacher.

To Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda, one of the leading figures of Cuban literature is honored with this multimedia containing
–among other documents – selections of his work, and the reproduction of the magazine & Cuban Album of the Good and the Beautiful (1860).

It shows an overview of Cuban culture with bilingual reading and auditing. Traditional popular culture, expressed in
different forms and manifestations –material and spiritual - is the object of study of this multimedia.

On this compact disc you can find the texts of the original edition, interactive games, figures and literary sites of the Golden Age.

This work gives us the most authentic festival of peasant popular culture: La Jornada Cucalambeana, which pays tribute to the
19th century Cuban poet Juan Cristobal Nicolás Fajardo, El Cucalambé.

Comprehensive compilation of the life and work of the Juan Formell and Los Van Van orchestra. Interviews, lyrics, historical videos, photos and much more, are picked up for the first time in this award-winning multimedia at the 2012 Cubadisco Festival.

As a tribute to the seven days since the founding of the Aragón Orchestra, this multimedia was created, which looks at the work of the group
through text, discography, videos, photos and prizes obtained.

Photographic anthology of 50 years of the Cuban Culture from the revolutionary triumph. Compiled by the Documentary Archives
of the Cultural and Development Center of the Ministry of Culture. Collect highlights and personalities of our culture photographed by the most renowned lens artists in Cuba.