Acosta Dance Junior Co. premieres at Martí Theater (+Photos)


The new generation of dancers of the company founded by Carlos Acosta, "Acosta Dance Junior," ended its first three premieres in this capital, with which it sealed a luxurious show and left a sweet taste in the scene.    

The new artistic project, founded by the prestigious dancer performed at Havana’s Martí Theater over the weekend, presented three choreographies that were described by the audience as excellent.

It is the subdivision of the company Acosta Dance Junior, whose members masterfully performed pieces by Norge Cedeño, Susana Pous, and Raúl Reinoso.

With a full theater during the three performances, the public appreciated the show “Green Shoots” with the usual style by Master Acosta and what his group projects in contemporary dance and classical ballet.

A fusion of both was perceived in the world premiere of “Fuga,” a choreography by Pous, original music by Pepe Gavilondo, and performed by young dancers.

The piece “Nosotros” was another of the openings and tells a journey inside the couple, while the choreographers share their experiences to reflect on the relationships’ intermittences.

The third performance, “Hybrid,” is a universe where the real and the unreal blur their boundaries to reach illusions.


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