Cuban heritage institution disseminates texts on aging


The Havana City Historian's Office (OHCH) is promoting cultural initiatives today to address the aging population in Cuba, a country that exhibits high rates associated to this issue in Latin America.

As part of the sociocultural work in favor of the elderly, the OHCH is planning the presentation of the informative booklet Getting older in Old Havana: a look from the demographic and cultural scenarios (2012-2018).

The Guide of Services and Information for Older Adults in Old Havana will also be published, the latest issue of which is available in printed format and web version, according to the press release.

These materials are part of the international cooperation project “Strengthening programs of care for the elderly” financed by the Association of Basque Cooperating Entities-Euskal Fondoa.

Both presentations will take place tomorrow at the Center for the Interpretation of Cuba-Europe Cultural Relations, located at the Palacio del Segundo Cabo.

From the cultural point of view, the OHCH stimulates the integration of this age group and increases the possibilities for their social development, while encouraging the active participation of the elderly, who contribute to the preservation of the nation’s historical and heritage memory.

By 2030, the number of people reaching their sixth decade will be 3.3 million in Cuba, this will have a direct impact on family and labor resources, according to official statistics.


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