Percussion returns to Cuba, let the drums sound!


The XXI edition of the Drum Festival began in this capital in the very early hours with master classes and eliminatory competitions of casino and drums.

The world-renowned Cuban cabaret Tropicana hosted the first meetings of the day with a music and dance master class held on the theme “How to play, sing and dance the mimetic rumba”.

The teacher María de los Ángeles Sarduy was in charge of offering this dance and dance knowledge, with Lázaro Pedroso, assistant professor of percussion and folkloric songs of the Summer Schools taught by the National School of Arts, as guest.

This first presentation of the program of the Drum Festival takes place in the Arcos de Cristal hall of the institution and the Obbá Ilú group is also participating.

The eliminatory competitions will take place at 11:00 local time: the casino competition, with Dj Javier, will be held in the aforementioned hall, while, at the same time, the drum competition (for professionals) will be held in the Tropicana Gardens.

The rest of the day will be occupied by the activity called Rumba por los barrios, with a departure from the Regla municipality of the Cuban capital and a concert in the evening by the Rumbatá group.


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