The wonderful gene of Cubanness


Cuban culture is a gene that unites beyond times and latitudes. They do not limit the concept of artistic styles or love of the land.

The Havana singer-songwriter Yenisei del Castillo is the poet of the purest souls or the songbook of a wild land with memory. Her community project in her native town of Regla receives music, poetry and the best human values. In this mix of ancestral feelings, diverse inheritances emerge, seasoned in the sun of a wonderful island, birther of passions.

Concha Ferrant's contribution to Cuban culture as one of the most relevant women in the visual arts in the last century transcends her pictorial work and is confirmed by a collection of her pieces in the art gallery that names her in Guanabacoa, as she explains. Yolanda Rodríguez, director of the institution. And our identity flies in verses, sounds, movements, gestures, flavors, colors, thoughts, seeds of new fruits with a single root.

A kind of angel of the legacy of the Cuban guitar is Alejandro Coira, head of the instrument's chair at the Alejandro García Caturla Conservatory, whom his students thank for such exquisite teaching. This is how the voices of those who transmit Cubanness vibrate when they walk, in their actions, in each dream, in the aroma of Homeland.

For young Leivan García, director of the National Folkloric Ensemble of Cuba, creativity leads him towards the everyday and universal. His choreographies Bara y Vals for Oshún reflect this. Like a torrent in the hills, the nation invites us not to stop; like a spring, to submerge in the depths of its people.

Luis Emilio Martínez, director of the Ocean Theater Group, fuses Cuban literature and music in the production A donde go los singers based on the song Son de la loma, linking two original texts and songs for the play. Without a doubt, we shine in the silence of the cocuyos in the countryside, in the prayer to the gods, the hubbub of the streets, the sandunga of miscegenation. And we woke up between sips of joy and hope.

Like a good Martian, Miguel Cabrera, historian of the Alicia Alonso National Ballet of Cuba, knows that the glory of the world fits in a grain of corn and his feeling is that of the Cultural Heritage of the Nation company, which celebrates 75 years of its creation and 80 of its founder's debut in the classic Giselle. We see with the joy of perennial rebellion, the most intense blue, a rain of rubies at dusk, at dawn contagious with trills and smiles, and a star illuminating the illusions of a country.  


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